Eastex Products Introduces Tek Air Medical Fabrics

Holbrook, Mass.-based Eastex Products Inc. — a supplier of textile products and solutions for
healthcare and other markets — has introduced a line of air- and water-holding thermoplastic
polyurethane (TPU)-coated nylon fabrics that are suitable for manufacturing inflatable medical
products such as blood pressure cuffs, circulation leg wraps, cold-water circulating therapy wraps,
hold or cold gel packs, hospital air mattresses and seat cushions.


Examples of products made with Eastex Tek Air Medical Fabrics

Eastex Tek Air Medical Fabrics are soft and non-stretch; offer properties including flame
retardancy, fluid and stain resistance, antibacterial and antifungal performance; and are easy to
clean. The fabrics may be manufactured using radio frequency welding and heat and sonic sealing
techniques as opposed to traditional sewing of seams. “The ability to seal these fabrics is what
makes them unique,” said Eastex Vice President of Marketing John Kimball. “By sealing as opposed to
sewing, the manufacturer can create air holding bladders and such. In medical applications, sealing
as opposed to sewing also helps keep the seam cleaner and not as prone to collecting bacteria and

February 21, 2012