IFF Innovation Award Goes To Most Highly Engineered Geotextile Fabric On The Market

ROSEVILLE, Minn. — November 10, 2011 — The recipient of the 2011 IFF Innovation Award was recently
announced at IFAI Expo Americas 2011, the largest specialty fabrics trade show in the Americas.
This prestigious industry award is bestowed by the Industrial Fabrics Foundation (IFF).

TenCate Geosynthetics of Pendergrass, Georgia, was presented with the 2011 IFF Innovation
Award for a product called Mirafi® H2i, the most highly engineered geotextile on the market.

Mirafi® H2i provides a significant improvement in stabilizing structures, with high tensile
modulus, combined with the inherent ability to move water. Its patented construction offers a
unique combination of high particle retention and exceptional coefficient of interaction. 

Best of all, as Congress and the president focus on restoring the national transportation
infrastructure, this super textile significantly minimizes costs of highway repairs, especially in
locations of moisture management concern.

The purpose of the annual IFF Innovation Award is to inspire companies from all over the
world not only to come up with great ideas, but to make them happen.  

The Industrial Fabrics Foundation developed the annual recognition award last year to tell
the stories of outstanding specialty fabric manufacturers and suppliers who have challenged the
norm and succeeded; and who are leading the way to uncharted territories. IFF wants these companies
and their stories to inspire others in the industry, acting as benchmarks for others to surpass.

Said IFF managing director Ruth Stephens: “Innovation is the heart of creating a specialty
fabrics industry that will inspire new technology in the 21st century. The IFF Innovation Award
transforms that idea into action by fostering the next generation of specialty fabrics industry

Posted on November 14, 2011

Source: IFAI