GE Announces Collaboration To Supply Membranes Used For South Korean Military Uniform Production

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — September 27, 2011 — GE (NYSE: GE) announced today a collaboration with Kolon
Fashion Material (KFM) on a wide range of membranes that KFM will use in laminate production to
supply the Republic of Korea Military and the consumer market.

The collaboration is part of GE’s strategy for its eVent® fabrics waterproof/breathable
product line. The alliance will allow customer brands to pair proven GE membranes with a wide range
of laminates and fabrics to create unique apparel, footwear and accessories.

KFM, based in Gwacheon, will supply the South Korean Military with uniforms featuring
waterproof breathable membranes from GE laminated to KFM fabrics. In addition, KFM has combined GE
membrane technology with their own proprietary lamination technology to create neoVENT-F, a
waterproof breathable fabric for the domestic Korean consumer market and global outdoor brands.

“GE has a proven track record supporting products used by militaries from around the world,
and this collaboration with KFM continues that long history of success,” said Glenn Crowther,
product line leader for eVent fabrics at GE. “As a leader in the Korean fabrics industry, KFM is an
excellent company to take full advantage of products using our membrane technology, both in
military programs, and with new outdoor programs.”

Since its founding in 1957, KFM has been supplying fabrics, fibers and other textiles to a
wide range of clients. The company is a leader in both the nylon and polyester fiber industries and
the fabrics industry in South Korea.

Posted on October 4, 2011

Source: GE Energy