Freudenberg Politex Opens Energy Cogeneration Plant

Italy-based Freudenberg Politex S.r.l. – a producer of staple and spunbonded polyester nonwovens
used in a variety of applications from roofing to garments, and a member of Germany-based
Freudenberg Group – recently inaugurated a cogeneration energy plant at its headquarters in
Novedrate. The plant, which generates 5 megawatts (mW) of electrical power and 4 mW of thermal
energy, reduces the environmental impact of the facility and makes it eligible for white
certificates of energy efficiency.

According to Freudenberg Politex, the plant is highly efficient and offers savings on
combustion and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 45 percent, or 14,000 tons
per year, when compared to traditional sources.

“The cost of utilities has risen constantly over the years and environmental protection has
assumed a much more strategic importance for industries,” said Dr. Riccardo Sollini, president and
CEO, Freudenberg Politex. “This is why the decision was made to install a cogeneration plant in
Italy, where the cost of energy particularly affects our business.”

March/April 2009