Picanol Introduces OMNIplus 800 TC For Tire Cord

Belgium-based Picanol NV reports its
new OMNIplus 800 TC air-jet weaving machine for the production of tire cord offers all the
important features of the original Omniplus 800 as well as extra features to optimize its
performance for tire-cord production.

Features include an ergonomic drawing-in unit that has separate yarn-entry and drive
sections, a weight-compensated batching motion and specific adaptations. The yarn-entry section
includes an aligned compensator, lease rods, warp stop motion, weaver’s platform and optional
expansion reed. The drive section features a double traction roll setup that offers absolutely
parallel alignment of cords, improved ergonomics, improved yarn tension equalization, increased
friction surface and optional pneumatically operated press roller, according to the company.

The gear-driven batching motion has precision spindles and lifting guides, and slides
underneath to allow symmetric loading. Adaptations include pneumatic tuckers at 900 revolutions per
minute (rpm) with cut reeds, air-assisted mechanical tuckers with full reed at 800 rpm, double
pressure rollers in the cloth take-up and optical selvage detectors. The use of Picanol’s SUMO
direct drives simplifies mechanical operation and reduces maintenance, the company reports.

Picanol offers in-house training for the Omniplus 800 TC as well as training on a fully
operational machine at its Günne division in Germany.

May/June 2006