Ferrari Introduces Facade Covering, Marine Fabrics

The Ferrari Group, a France-based
composite textiles manufacturer, and its Pompano Beach, Fla.-based subsidiary, Ferrari Textiles
Corp., now offer Stamisol FT 371 membrane for building façade coverings, three Stamoid® Marine
fabrics for boating applications and Soltis® 86 translucent cover fabric.

Lightweight, flexible Stamisol FT 371 can be made into panels to fit a façade’s shapes and
curves. The composite comprises a woven polyester scrim controlled during coating to provide
dimensional stability in both warp and weft directions. The membrane features a dark interior
facing to enhance transparency and improve visibility toward the outside, and provides insulation
from the cold and protection from the sun.

Flexible, easy-to-maintain Stamoid
Top and Stamoid Tweed boat roofing fabrics are designed to withstand severe weather and excessive
heat and cold. Stamoid Open is a stronger fabric designed for permanent tops and curtains for large
or high-speed boats.

Soltis 86 for cockpit covers, sun screens, awnings, windbreaks, windscreens and sail shades
provides protection from the sun, diffusing light and affording improved visibility from inside to
outside. The fabric features Précontraint Ferrari® prestressing technology, which ensures
dimensional stability.

All products are recyclable using Ferrari’s Texyloop™ process, which is based on the
Vinyloop® polyvinylchloride composite recycling process developed by Brussels-based Solvay S.A. in
collaboration with Ferrari.

January/February 2006