TMI Introduces Lab Master Z-Directional Tensile Tester

Testing Machines Inc. (TMI), Ronkonkoma, N.Y., reports its Lab Master® Z-Directional Tensile
Tester determines internal bond strength to 113 kilograms with 4.5-gram resolution and
approximately 0.02-percent accuracy, and measures and controls position with 0.1-micron resolution
and 0.2-micron repeatability.

A materials peak force is measured by applying a Z-directional force until ply separation
occurs. The test, which conforms to TAPPI T 541 and exceeds ISO 7500-1 Class 0.5 Tension or
Compression requirements, also provides insight into the materials properties.

Lab Master® Tensile Tester with Z-Directional fixture (inset) from Testing Machines Inc.

April 2005