Owens Corning Introduces Single-End Roving Product

Owens Corning, Toledo, Ohio, recently introduced the OC® SE 1200 Type 30® single-end fiberglass
roving for knitting and weaving applications.

According to the company, compared to competitive fibers, the new product features 12-percent
higher cyclic fatigue strength at 10 million cycles, 11-percent higher shear strength, 25-percent
higher laminate tensile strength in polyester resin, and a 35-percent higher laminate tensile
strength in epoxy resin. Other benefits include smooth run-out and easy fabrication, good strand
opening and covering, superior corrosion resistance, enhanced processing and wetout, excellent
processability in knitting and weaving, and multiresin compatibility. Finished product applications
include marine and wind energy.

June 2004