Outlast Partners With Asian Manufacturers

Outlast Technologies, Boulder, Colo., has partnered with five Asian manufacturers to meet the
growing demand for its phase change technology products with greater selection and competitive
pricing. Outlast specializes in the research, development, design and application of phase change
materials (PCMs) for apparel, footwear, home furnishings and other markets
(See Quality Fabric of the Month, ATI, April 2000).Outlast will manufacture all of its
fabrics in Asia, including fabrics featuring the new Matrix Coating Technology (MCT). Without
losing the effectiveness of the PCMs, the MCT coating provides more stretch, moisture management
and air permeability to the fabric, the company claims.New partnerships with Itochu, Inoac, Daiyu,
Tiong Liong and P.T. Tomenbo will provide Outlasts global markets with superior-quality products at
competitive Asian prices, said George Cattermole, president and CEO, Outlast. Additionally, our
presence in Asia improves our capability to deliver products faster to customers with downstream
manufacturing operations in Asia.

December 2001