Dilo Delivers DI-LOOM PMF Hyperpunch Needle Loom

Dilo, Germany, sole owners of Spinnbau, also based in Germany, is to deliver a large needle loom
the DI-LOOM PMF to Wurttembergische Filztuchfabrik D. Geschmay GmbH, Germany. The machine has a
working width exceeding 13 meters (m) and is equipped with four needling zones. The machine is 17.5
m long, 12 m wide and 10.8 m tall, with a total weight of 600 tons.Spunbond needling with very high
throughput speeds, web consolidation during the production of synthetic leather, and pre- and
finish-needling of paper machine felts are the main applications of the Dilo Hyperpunch technology.
Most of the Hyperpunch machines Dilo has sold have been purchased by companies in the paper machine
felts business.The elliptical needling path of the Hyperpunch offers reduced dimensional changes
and even weight profile when used for pre-needling, and less needle breakage and higher throughput
speeds in finish needling.

June 2001