Non-Drying Textile Ink Launched By MagnaColours®

BARNSLEY, England — November 8, 2016 — MagnaColours® Ltd., a supplier of water-based textile inks, has launched a high performance ink that can print bright colors onto high mesh-count textiles. According to the company, MagnaPrint® ND (non-drying) achieves great results without the harmful environmental side effects of PVC and formaldehyde.

The product has been developed as a water-based ink that can print vibrant colors on lighter fabrics, and will help brands achieve a unique and eye-catching finish. The ink can be printed onto high mesh-count fabrics as well as, or better than any PVC ink, but is more economical, alongside the obvious environmental benefits. The quality and technical performance of the ink has been designed to rival the resolution achieved by digital printing.

Tom Abbey, managing director, MagnaColours, said: “Many in our industry have questioned whether water-based inks will ever match the ease of use of their PVC counterparts. Not only have we achieved this, but we’ve exceeded our own high standards, producing an ink that truly stands apart. This is another demonstration of how we’ve made ‘the impossible’, possible.”

The new ink is available to market, through distributors, to the textile printing industry, and will allow new levels of environmental sustainability, an increasing concern for brands and consumers. Just like all of MagnaColours inks, MagnaPrint ND conforms to the highest levels of environmental scrutiny, using the best water-based technology to secure superior finishes.

Posted November 8, 2016

Source: MagnaColours