Navis TubeTex Launches Spirality Control System

The Spirality Control System (SCS) — which controls the difficult-to-manage spirality, or torque, in knit fabric finishing — is now available from Navis TubeTex, Lexington, N.C. SCS was developed by Geo Energy Solutions P.C., and Navis TubeTex has partnered with Geo to market the technology and collaborate on future designs and improvements.

A sophisticated algorithm controls the amount and direction of correction in a specially designed correction chamber after the user inputs the given fabric’s spirality percentage, direction of rotation and tubular width.
According to the company, the patented SCS technology offers the following benefits: controls spirality to meet quality standards; corrects spirality to less than 4 percent; stable correction; suitable for all tubular knitted fabrics; operates automatically and efficiently; and the resulting higher-quality fabric produces fewer cut and sew problems.

“We are very excited to launch this new technology to the industry,” said Will Motchar, president and CEO, Navis TubeTex. “This process absolutely fixes one of the most difficult problems faced by manufacturers. The technology is proven with machines running in production for over a year now.”

November/December 2015