Starlinger Introduces FX 6.0 Series Looms, IQ

Austria-based Starlinger & Co. GmbH recently introduced the FX 6.0 series of circular looms for woven packaging production. A successor of the company’s RX looms, the machines feature a weft insertion rate of 1,200 picks per minute and an efficiency of more than 90 percent.

Alongside the loom, Starlinger introduced the Indicator of Quality (IQ) benchmark designed to evaluate and compare loom performance and fabric quality. The IQ indicates the number of meters produced on a loom divided by the number of warp breaks. Starlinger reports the FX 6.0 loom has an IQ of 350 meters — meaning a warp break occurs on the FX 6.0 loom every 350 meters of fabric.

November/December 2014