Schlafhorst Introduces 2Impact FX Compact Spinning Unit

Germany-based Schlafhorst — a manufacturer of ring-spinning, winding and rotor-spinning technology for staple yarns; and a member of the Switzerland-based Saurer AG group of companies — has introduced the second-generation Zinser 351 2Impact FX compact spinning unit featuring a new air ducting system.
Schlafhorst reports that the constant and turbulence-free airflow of the new air ducting system ensures a consistent vacuum in the compacting unit, which in turn produces a uniformly bound fiber with guaranteed quality.
The company also has modified the self-cleaning compact apron in the unit, which now features inclined perforated slots. According to Shlafhorst, the inclined slots increase the life of the apron. Fiber residue and other dirt particles also are expelled out of the air openings at the apron’s deflection points using the milling effect, removing the need for rigid screening drums that clog with fiber residue and require periodic cleaning.
According to the company, the Zinser 351 2Impact FX is automatically self-cleaning, designed for optimal aerodynamics, and equipped with its own controlled vacuum unit. These features enable operators to achieve an increase in production of up to 7,700 kilograms of yarn each year.

April 8, 2014