Oerlikon Unveils Texparts® CS 21 12

Switzerland-based Oerlikon Textile Components has added the all-purpose Texparts® CS 21 12
single-elastic spindle bearing to its family of Texparts Complete Spindles. Developed as a more
flexible, lower-cost, higher-damping-capacity substitute for the Texparts CS 1 12, the
cost-effective CS 21 12 is suitable for use in a variety of applications from medium to coarse yarn

The CS 21 12 features a 7.8-millimeter (mm)-diameter neck bearing that is firmly joined to
the bearing housing and provides improved reliability in manual doffing applications; a flexible
oil-damped footstep bearing that moves radially; an oil hydraulic damping system that can use oil
in a range of viscosities and enables increased damping capacity; and operating speeds of up to
22,000 revolutions per minute. Tube length can measure up to 280 mm.

November/December 2010