Rosink Launches Easy-To-Use Cot Grinder

Germany-based Rosink GmbH + Co. Maschinenfabrik took the occasion of the recent Saigon Tex trade
fair in Vietnam to introduce “Rosy by Rosink,” an economically priced, easy-to-operate cot grinder
that enables precision manual grinding of spinning cylinders.

According to the company, the new grinder can be used with nearly all conventional spinning
cylinders, including ring-spinning and flyer top rollers – as well as with open-end top rollers
when an optional Rosink auxiliary shaft is provided. The machine features a center arm, or lever,
for loading and another on the right for grinding and polishing. Rosink reports the machine can
process more than 240 top rollers per hour, and even up to 360 per hour.

Rosy is equipped with a dressing diamond for cleaning the grinding stone, a dust exhauster,
one holding attachment and an operation and instruction manual. An optional Rosink WT56 Measuring
Device enables measurement of the cylindricity and roundness of the ground cot, which is guaranteed
to have a maximum cylindricity deviation of 0.02 millimeters and a roundness of 0.

May 19, 2009