Karl Mayer Introduces New Elast-O-Matic Warper

Germany-based Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH reports its Elast-O-Matic DSE-HH 50/32 elastane
warping machine can warp elastane yarns at a rate of 400 meters per minute — 25-percent faster than
the company’s earlier-generation DSE-H 50/30 machine. According to Karl Mayer, the new machine
offers improved precision and ease of operation for optimized productivity in processing of all
types of commercially available materials, and is particularly suited for processing especially
fine elastane yarns and for use in conjunction with the latest warp-knitting technology.

Features debuting on the new Elast-O-Matic include multi-motor drives to replace the existing
drive system, fault analysis and recording beam data software that has been upgraded to the level
of Karl Mayer’s KAMCOS® (Karl Mayer Command System) technology, and an integrated Teleservice
package. The machine also offers new pressure measurement technology comprising sensors integrated
into the pre-drawing unit’s bearings, enabling automatic equalization of yarn tension within and
between packages. The tension is adjusted using an electronic, fixed cam.

May/June 2008