Rieter Unveils SB 20 Double-head Draw Frame

Rieter Machine Works Ltd., Switzerland, has launched the SB 20 double-head draw frame, a redesign
of its SB 2 draw frame.

The new model achieves run speeds of up to 1,000 meters per minute (m/min), with a
recommended setting of 750 m/min for carded cotton, according to Rieter. Other features include a
new graphic display to facilitate operation; 3-over-3 drafting system, efficient suction and a
patented coiling system for enhanced sliver and yarn quality; capability of using cans of up to 600
millimeters (mm) with a can changer and up to 1,000 mm without a can changer; and belt drives to
replace conventional oil bath gearboxes, reducing maintenance efforts.

The company also reports RSB-D 40 draw frame components such as the creel, can changer, fan
and other components can be integrated into the new draw frame.

September/October 2007