Lawson-Hemphill Launches Upgraded Textile Tear, Burst Testers

Swansea-Mass.-based Lawson-Hemphill
reports its 83-20 series textile tear tester offers such new features as: automatic specimen
notching; safety hood; mechanical-pneumatic clamping to eliminate sample slippage and ensure
repeatability; ergonomically designed automatic pendulum reset with lifting device; digital display
of the tear force, which also can be transferred to a computer; and RS-232 data output. Models and
weights are available to test material with a range of strengths.

Lawson-Hemphill’s 13-60 series textile burst tester features: a hydraulic jack system to
apply hydrostatic pressure to the testing sample; sample-tightening system using a pneumatic jack;
accurate bursting pressure measurement; a large graphic digital display; software for easy data
transfer to spreadsheets; pneumatic sample clamping; and menus that are compatible with
international standards and predefined test methods, which may be recalled or stored.

March/April 2007