Fibreguide Unveils FG10E Jet Series For Extrusion Spinning

England-based Fibreguide Ltd. now
offers the FG10E jet range for extrusion spinning applications. The high-purity alumina ceramic
jets are suitable for all flat yarn applications, and can be configured in twin or multi-position
jet arrangements offering 4-, 5-, 6.5- and 10-millimeter pitch; and up to 20 or more ends.
According to the company, the jets feature a patented chamber design that maximizes interlacing
efficiency, minimizes guide wrap and yarn damage, reduces air consumption and leads to improved
downstream performance. The jets also feature a patent-pending mounting arrangement to ensure
precise alignment of the jet cores vis-à-vis the running yarns.

Fibreguide also offers the FG10SE single-position jet, used in partially oriented and fully
drawn yarn spinning applications that do not require close pitch jets.

Greenville-based textile broker Frankl & Thomas Inc. is the North American distributor
for Fibreguide’s new jets.

January/February 2007