Otto Zollinger Unveils OZ Easy Creel

Otto Zollinger Inc., Spartanburg, has
designed its new OZ Easy Creel for improved performance and ease of use. The company says the creel
requires less maintenance and fewer spare parts than conventional creels.

Features include: an open, uncluttered, ergonomic design; multifunctional, expandable frame;
improved yarn flow; interchangeable parts; and a patented swivel arm with handles and a loading
stop. The creel’s balloon shield contains the sensor clip, cutting out one threading step, and has
a small eyelet for improved ballooning control. Programmable optical sensors allow touch-free
control; can be used with all types of yarns ranging from 10 to 30,000 denier at speeds from 1.5 to
1,500 meters per minute; and monitor data such as yarn breaks. The yarn-bearing design simplifies
threading, and low-maintenance tension control provides improved yarn control and quality, the
company reports.

September/October 2006