Gneuss Debuts On-Line Viscosimeter

Gneuss Inc., Matthews, N.C., now
offers a compact viscosimeter for on-line melt viscosity measurement. The company reports the
device is fitted according to a customer’s specifications between 0.8 and 4 inches. The unit
comprises a pump, pump drive, temperature sensors, pressure transducers, and control and evaluation
electronics. Process parameter settings, evaluation and display may be achieved using a touch
screen or by integration into an existing control system.

Reported benefits of the new viscosimeter include: short dwell time, no dead spots and no
remains in the melt channels; measurement in rectangular cross section, which eliminates recording
of elastic properties; polymer bypass, which eliminates melt losses; temperature variations of less
than 2°C for all parts that contact the melt; complete cleaning without interrupting production;
very compact design; and ability to adapt to existing melt pipes or extrusion lines.

May/June 2006