AccuWeb Debuts Controller, Pneumatic Clamping System

AccuWeb Inc., Madison, Wis., has added a compact web guide controller and a pneumatic clamping
system to its line of web guide equipment and accessories. The Micro 1000® web guide controller
interfaces with AccuWeb’s WideArray and PointSource edge detectors, AccuBeam® II line guide, and
light-to-medium-thrust linear actuators. The device uses the company’s dynamic compensation process
to perform continuous automatic calibration of the edge detectors.

The pneumatic clamping system is a splice table option for the AccuGuide PDG-AP Series
anodized aluminum positive displacement guides (PDGs). The device features a durable bladder;
solenoid valves used to activate the mechanism can be integrated into any converting machine logic.
The systems proprietary linear bearing system links the moving frame to its base and facilitates
installation in any position.

September 2005