PFPS Facilitates Product Design

Grass Valley, Calif.-based Autometrix Precision Cutting Systems Inc. reports its Precision Fiber
Placement System (PFPS) automatically guides, cuts, recaptures and positions fibers, facilitating
creativity in the design and manufacture of custom technical fabrics and end-products.

PFPS features user-friendly software and provides precise fiber placement, handling fibers
ranging from Kevlar® to polyester measuring up to 2,250 denier/450 filament. According to
Autometrix, it enables the design of products that traditionally may have required multiple fabric
layers in certain areas, but which could be produced using only one layer, thus reducing production
costs and material inventory. Tables are 63 inches or 73 inches wide, with larger sizes available.
Lengths range from 12 feet to 80 feet or longer.

August 2004