DSI Launches Laminating Line

Diversified Systems Inc. (DSI), Greenville, has introduced a new line of ultrasonic laminating
equipment. Features of the new bonding units include custom-engraved precision pinsonic rolls and
state-of-the-art controls. The units bond fabric across its entire width and are available for webs
up to 240 inches wide. DSI can customize the units as well as its entire product line, according to
individual needs.

“DSI’s ultrasonic laminating units apply rapidly alternating compressive forces to localized
areas of fibers in the web,” said Ken Herman, applications engineering manager. “The stress created
by these forces is converted to thermal energy, which softens the fibers as they are pressed
against each other. Upon removal from the source of ultrasonic vibration, the softened fibers cool,
solidifying the bond points.

July 2004