Techmer PM Offers Advanced Organic Peroxides

Techmer PM LLC, Rancho Dominguez, Calif., has introduced two new organic peroxide concentrate
formulations — TechsperseM12460E151 and TechsperseM12457E196 — that provide optimized,
cost-effective production of high-quality polypropylene fibers and nonwovens. During polypropylene
extrusion, the organic peroxide pellets set off visbreaking, a chemical reaction that lowers the
viscosity of the polymer melt, boosting throughput and improving the end-products physical
properties, according to the company. The reaction, which occurs at temperatures above 347°F, also
enables production of ultra-fine fibers.

The concentrates typically are added at loadings of 2 to 8 percent, but can be added at
loadings of up to 20 percent if required for a specific product.

April 2004