BYK-Gardner Develops Gloss Meters

BYK-Gardner USA, Columbia, Md., has released new editions of its standard gloss meter and its
multi-angle gloss meter. Like the original versions, the new micro-gloss and micro-trI-gloss are
portable and easy to use. Features include a clear menu structure and new scroll wheel for improved
ease of use, and auto-diagnosis to check calibration values and provide reliable readings that are
guaranteed by the company. In addition, both meters offer multiple readings per sample with full
statistics, pass/fail and differences with up to 50 target values; and easily maintained sample
storage.The micro-trI-gloss has three measuring angles and a gloss range of up to 2,000 gloss units
to measure finishes from matte to high gloss.The new meters can be used with or without a PC.
Software included with the devices enables data to be transferred to Microsoft Excel® for display
in a professional quality control report with graphs.

May 2003