Precision AirConvey Unveils TrimPAC™ For Trim Removal

Precision AirConvey, Newark, Del., reports its TrimPAC™ pre-engineered trim removal system provides
clog-free conveying at extreme line speeds as it cuts and clears edge trim from slitters and die
cutters. The system comprises an in-line cutter, material handling fan, piping, air separator and
two inlet pickups, among other features. Waste material such as film, foil, laminate and paper in a
range of trim widths, thicknesses and stiffnesses is conveyed up to 300 feet at an air velocity of
5,500 feet per minute or faster.

Benefits include reduced scrap volume and disposal costs, enhanced production efficiencies
and reduced injury potential, according to the company. TrimPAC can be customized with a variety of
options as required for a particular application.

March 2003