GrayWolf’s DirectSense RH Is Pocket PC-Powered

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions, Trumbull, Conn., has developed a relative humidity meter to be used
with a pocket PC computer.

The DirectSense RH meter incorporates a thin-film capacitive relative humidity sensor and
PT100 temperature sensor. Readings displayed include relative humidity, temperature measured in °F
or °C, and derived moisture readings. Also available are optional sensors for carbon monoxide or
carbon dioxide.

The company’s WolfSense application software enables a mobile computer to display in
real-time up to seven simultaneous measurements, as well as immediate data-logging and long-term
trending. Text, graphic, audio, photo, CAD/CAM and calibration notes are associated in the data
file, and sensor tips are available by tapping the touch screen. The software also includes
industry/application-relevant PDF and Microsoft® Word documents.

March 2003