Programmable Van Air Drain Valves Manage Any Fluid

Lake City, Pa.-based Van Air Systems Inc. has developed two Sentinel Series drain valves that can
manage any fluid by incorporating a clog-resistant, heavy-duty ball valve.The MDV-400L model valve
features a keypad for timing adjustments and a LCD cycle status readout to count remaining cycle or
drain open times. External test and valve fault functions are also included.The MDV-400I model is a
basic drain featuring a power on LED and test button. Cycle and open times are reset by adjusting
switches on the internal circuit board.Both valves run in programmable modes and can operate in
response to an optional liquid level sensor for zero-air-loss draining.Brass ball valves are
available in standard sizes of 0.5-, 0.75- and 1.0-inch narrow pipe thread (NPT). Sizes of up to 3
inches, stainless steel valves and electrical options are also available. Applications include
cooling towers, natural gas service, process tanks and more.

November 2001