William Tatham Offers Advanced Auto Doffing System

William Tatham Ltd, United Kingdom, has developed an auto doffing system that removes full spools
operating at speeds of up to 60 meters per minute (m/min). The unit has been applied to an existing
free-standing creel on a 2.5-meter-wide Tatham carpet yarn set. The new system can be fitted to all
similar creels.The system operates with three synchronized drives that automatically transfer the
rovings to the new spools and deliver the compact, high-density packages to the front creel, ready
to be unloaded.The design enhances conditions with bobbins 1,500 millimeters long, weighing up to
17 kilograms. Because the system eliminates the lifting of heavy condenser spools in awkward
conditions in mills, it complies with European legislation on manual handling and safe working
practices.William Tatham has partnered with Westwood Yarns, United Kingdom, for development of the
new design.

September 2001