James H Heal Develops New Burst Strength Tester

United Kingdom-based James H. HealandCo. Ltd. has developed the new computer-controlled
Truburst burst strength tester, which exceeds the requirements of the new ISO 13938-2 (1999)
standard.Truburst measures both distension and pressure at burst and specifies an accuracy of ± 1
millimeter (mm) up to a distension of 70mm, all called for in the ISO standard.The digital control
system provides digital indication of pressure, distension and time to burst and automatically
detects which one of four specimen sizes has been used. The digital control system also regulates a
proportion-control valve to ensure a uniform, linear rate of pressure increase to achieve bursting
within a specified time and to provide maximum repeatability of test results.James Heal offers an
optional air compressor, which allows Truburst to operate at pressures up to 12.5 bar (1250 kPa).

June 2001