IMS Introduces Hitak-SP For High-Speed Melt Spinning

International Machinery Sales Inc., Winston-Salem, N.C., has recently patented its new Hitak-SP
interlacing jet system for high-speed melt spinning of POY, FOY, SDY and FDY yarns. The jets
low-friction alumina ceramic body with complex channel geometry gives optimum performance without
damaging yarn and offers high wear resistance. Benefits include ultra-high-frequency interlace of
size-free warp yarns at maximum speed and low air consumption at an economical price. The jet has
no moving parts, and a vacuum slot provides easy tread-up and excellent yarn retention, according
to the company.Various surface finishes are available for the precision-ground jet and impact plate
to match yarn friction characteristics. Because there are no metal parts, the jet plate and impact
plate can safely be cleaned ultrasonically. Current jet plates are available for deniers 50 to 600,
with higher-denier plates in development.

January 2001