The Future Of Stretch: Introducing Under Armour’s First Product Made With High-Performing Elastane Alternative NEOLAST™

BALTIMORE — May 7, 2024 — In 1996, Under Armour proved a single shirt can change the game forever. The brand’s original performance stretch, compression technology wicked away sweat faster than anything else out there and kept athletes cool, dry and light.

Ever since, Under Armour has continued to change the game with innovative performance gear. Now, it honors its innovation heritage as it looks to the future of stretch.

On May 13, Under Armour will premiere the first product to feature its latest material innovation, a high-performing elastane alternative called NEOLAST™, on Part of its Vanish training franchise, Vanish Pro tees made with NEOLAST fiber are built to withstand the demands of all types of athletic training and feature a classic design to help athletes stay focused during workouts.

NEOLAST fibers at work in the fabric translate to a high-powered garment with exceptional durability and fit. Announced for the first time in January 2024, the brand hopes NEOLAST will address key sustainability challenges of elastane, including recyclability and solvent-use.

With performance and sustainability improvements — the light, stretchy, breathable, and fast drying material feels good on, and athletes and consumers can feel good about wearing it.

Vanish Pro Mens Training Tee

“We took a minimalist approach to the design of this shirt, eliminating distractions for the athlete and opting for classic lines that allow the NEOLAST material to shine. The Vanish Pro tee’s durable material will not only increase its lifespan, it will offer consistent fit and stretch throughout the garment’s life. We’re proud to have developed the first apparel with this innovation and are excited about bringing more performance garments that utilize the future of stretch to athletes everywhere,” said John Hardy III, senior director, Product, Under Armour.

As a nod to the shirt that started it all, Vanish Pro NEOLAST tees invert the brand’s original compression tee’s color scheme from a white tee with a black logo, to a black tee with a white logo.

“At Under Armour, our innovation heritage inspires us to relentlessly pursue better performing gear that is better for the athlete and planet. Part of the beauty of this material innovation is the value we’ve been able to add by taking things away. The Vanish Pro is a highly durable, performance stretch tee made without elastane or solvents — and it’s just the beginning of NEOLAST’s potential. We look forward to introducing this revolutionary performance fiber across additional product lines as we work to scale it and evolve the broader industry landscape,” said Kyle Blakely, senior vice president, Innovation, Development & Testing, Under Armour.

Under Armour is committed to using its materials innovation muscle to support the apparel, footwear and accessories industry’s transition to a circular economy. The brand’s NEOLAST fiber innovation will support its goal to eliminate spandex in its products 75 percent by 2030.

NEOLAST™ is a trademark of Celanese.

Posted: May 7, 2024

Source: Under Armour, Inc.