New Name For Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)

The Amsterdam-based Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) has changed its name to Cascale. The non-profit organization encourages collaboration and restorative business practices “to catalyze impact at scale and give back more than they take from the planet,” in line with its vision. It’s more than 300 members include retailers, brands, manufacturers, governments, industry associations, academics, and non-governmental organizations and nonprofits around the globe.

The new name comes from a play on the SAC moniker — “Cas” from SAC backwards, “CA” for collective action, and “scale” as a reference to scaled ambitions. In addition, the non-profit reports the “C” elicits a new phase similar to a lunar cycle, moonlight or a mirrored reflection. A new logo represents Cascale’s three member categories and external stakeholders.

“As Cascale evolves to address the needs of a broader scope of consumer goods beyond apparel and footwear, I’m proud to celebrate this new vision of an organization that is close to my heart,” said Rick Ridgeway, author, adventurer, former vice president of sustainability and public engagement at Patagonia, and Cascale’s co-founder.

March/April 2024