Hologenix Honored Twice In ISPO Textrends Awards


LOS ANGELES — November 20, 2023 — Twice a year ISPO recognizes innovative fibers, fabrics and components that are used to manufacture sports apparel. It should be no surprise that not one, but two innovations from materials science leader Hologenix have scored wins in the ISPO Textrends Fall/Winter 2025/2026 Awards:

CELLIANT® with REPREVE® Nylon — introduced with global textile solutions provider UNIFI®, makers of REPREVE — and CELLIANT Print.

They were both Selections in the Fibers & Insulations Category. With it being the 10th Anniversary of Textrends Awards, more applicants than ever were vying for the recognition that an ISPO Award brings.

CELLIANT with REPREVE Nylon CELLIANT with REPREVE Nylon consists of CELLIANT infrared (IR) technology embedded into REPREVE, the world’s number one brand of recycled fiber. REPREVE creates high-quality fibers made from 100% recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste.

CELLIANT with REPREVE Nylon is strong and durable with great stretch and a silky hand. It is ideal for underwear, stockings, tights/leggings, socks, seamless knits, baselayers and many other categories. With CELLIANT’s ability to convert body heat into infrared energy, improving local circulation and cellular oxygenation, it also provides performance for outdoor/sportswear, outerwear, swimwear among other categories.

This is the second carrier type for CELLIANT with REPREVE, as it was introduced in polyester last fall and won three awards. CELLIANT Print CELLIANT Print makes the natural blend of IR-generating bioceramic minerals more widely available from Hologenix as a printed coating, expanding the uses of the technology. Traditionally, CELLIANT has been embedded directly into fibers, yarns and fabrics. However, for its print applications, CELLIANT fine mineral powder can be easily adhered to many different fabric types as a topical coating, making CELLIANT Print a very versatile and cost-effective solution. Key CELLIANT partners, such as Under Armour with their UA RUSH™ line, and KT Tape with its PRO Oxygen™ kinesiology tape utilize CELLIANT Print. Safe and durable, CELLIANT Print has undergone mechanical testing for wash tests and can be confirmed to last the useful life of the product, for 50+ washes.

“We are very grateful that these important innovations have been honored in the ISPO Textrends Awards,” said Seth Casden, Hologenix CEO and Co-Founder. “CELLIANT with REPREVE Nylon helps brands create offerings that are better for us and better for the earth and CELLIANT Print expands the applications for our IR technology.”

Posted: November 20, 2023

Source: Hologenix, LLC