Sympatex Presents Product Innovations With Its Own Eco Design Collection At The A+A Düsseldorf

UNTERFÖHRING, Germany — October 18, 2023 — Sympatex presents recyclable product innovations at A+A Düsseldorf. From October 24-27, 2023, the membrane manufacturer will be showing new products in the textile and footwear sector, as well as an eco-design guide, in Hall 15, Stand A21. The eco design recommendations will be implemented in a separate trade fair collection.

At A+A Düsseldorf, the focus will be on sustainability. After all, the clothing and footwear sector contributes over 8 percent to global greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainability is an urgent topic and circular economy is rightly becoming the new standard in Europe.

Various objectives play a role in the production of sustainable textiles: the value of textiles should be maintained for as long as possible and greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced. It is also important to reintegrate textile waste into the cycle and reuse it.

At A+A, Sympatex is presenting Caura Sherpa, a new laminate concept that combines the advantages of the classic quilted jacket with those of a membrane jacket. Stylish, waterproof, breathable and durable. Moreover, it is not only made entirely from recycled material, but is also recyclable and thus precisely in the focus of the sustainability theme of the fair.

“We see Caura Sherpa as a successor to classic softshells. It is also the case that a “Caura Sherpa jacket” offers better thermal insulation than a softshell jacket, while being significantly lighter and more comfortable to wear,” said Petra Klattenhoff, product management, Corporate & Workwear Sympatex.

The membrane manufacturer Sympatex is convinced that the right materials are very important for efficient recycling. The company has developed an Eco Design Guide to pass on this knowledge to all brand partners. The guide is available at the exhibition stand in Hall 15, Stand A21.

“To illustrate the Sympatex Caura Sherpa concept, we have designed a trade fair col- lection. Here, our recyclable polyester laminates with eco-design requirements were implemented in finished garments,” said Lisa Polk, Circularity expert, Sympatex.

“The process allowed us to better understand the issues of our brand partners and find ways to close the loop in the design process. Our design emphasized the importance and necessity of making the right material choices for a sustainable garment,” Polk added.

In footwear, Sympatex’s sustainable answer is called “Sorrento nonwoven”. The laminate has been tested and certified for use in workwear.

“By eliminating polyurethane foam in the production of the laminate, we have managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 10 percent and water consumption by 15 percent,” said Yasemin Malcolm, product management Footwear Sympatex.

“To achieve this, we have replaced the PU layer with 100-percent recycled polyester nonwoven. This has made us more resource-efficient and has brought us a decisive step closer to our goal of mono-material and recyclability of the entire laminate. This progress is still difficult to achieve, especially in the footwear sector. The technical performance of our laminate has also improved,” Malcolm added.

“We also want to learn from our customers,” says Kim Scholze, CSMO Sympatex.

“I have a fantastic team that implements our circular economy philosophy beautifully through developments like the Caura Sherpa concept and the Sorrento nonwoven. Especially in the C&W and footwear sector, it takes expertise, but also a spirit of innovation and collaboration. Valuable ideas are not only created in our company. We always seek exchange with our partners, customers and suppliers. That is why we cordially invite you to the A+A. The trade fair is an excellent opportunity to drive forward detailed solutions and to create added value for the industry together,” Scholze added.

Posted: October 18, 2023

Source: Sympatex