Terrot: A Strong Line-Up At The ITMA 2023

CHEMNITZ, Germany — June 23, 2023 — With an impressive combination of new developments, enhanced blockbusters and ever-growing variety of leading applications the company presented at the fair a highly demanded range of solutions, in particular for mattress ticking, upholstery, sports and functional wear clients.

“ITMA was also 2023 a great platform to present our products and services to a wide trade audience. The fair exceeded our expectations in all areas. Given the circumstances, the economic slowdown and crises in the textile industry we were overwhelmed by the interest and feedback generated. The high frequency of visitors to our booth that continued until the very end gave us all the opportunities to intensify existing business relations, generate important deals and make valuable new contacts,” said Managing Partner Robert Czajkowski.

The showcased 8-lock blockbuster I3P 196 premiering with the integrable Smartex inspection system, is only one example of Terrot’s ability to manufacture world’s best circular knitting machines and its dedication to constantly improve their outstanding customer value in terms of productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

The demand for innovative technical solutions will continue to increase being additionally fueled by digitization. With the continuous development of value-added technologies and customer-centric solutions we are best positioned to be successful in the markets. Responding to our customers‘ needs and offering reliable, easy-to-use solutions is one of our USP’s and at the same time of highest customer relevance.

“The market response at the ITMA confirms the high demand for Terrot machines as well as our technical solutions. This is an incredible source of motivation for our team and a constant incentive to deal with all the challenges ahead of us. I am convinced that with the strength of our dedicated staff, agents and partners, we will be able to meet any of the challenges arising. We are already looking forward to ITMA 2027 in Hannover” Czajkowski added.

Many thanks to our fantastic team, our loyal agents and partners, and our valued custo- mers for making ITMA 2023 a great success for Terrot!

ITMA Highlights

  • The I3P 196 OW a highly flexible and productive, interlock and fine rib machine with open width frame that has been much demanded globally in the past years. The I3P 196 is a creates „8-lock“, interlock and modified structures like punto di roma, mila- no rib, piqué rodier and also racer mesh with maximum efficiency. Equipped with up to 4 needle tracks in cylinder cam and 2 needle tracks in dial cam the I3P 196 promises maximum flexibility and a wide range of pattern options. At ITMA it was combined with the latest technology of our partner Smartex. Their build-in CORE system gives the customer the power of latest hardware and software technology to control their fabric production, inspecting every inch of fabric using arti- ficial intelligence algorithms, which are constantly being upgraded. Smartex’s patented hardware set is comprised of an AI-powered graphic processing server, high resolution cameras with machine learning capabilities, and enhanced lighting for optimal grei-
ge fabric inspection controlled by an intuitive industrial grade touchscreen interface. Smartex’ software provides the customer with 24/7 access to real-time production in- formation including automated roll maps, business intelligence data, and performance analysis from anywhere, using their preferred device (computer, tablet, smartphone).
  • The UCC 672-ME in 3-way technology in dial and cylinder is Terrot’s flagship in the production of highest quality mattress covers, upholstery and fashion with unlimi- ted pattern possibilities on both fabric sides. With 88 feeders at 38“ (available from 34“ to 42“), newly developed dial needle selection and reliable elastane plating, the model’s flexibility and extremely high productivity are the newest demonstration of Terrot’s reputation as world’s leading producer of most sophisticated electronic jacquard ma- chines.
  • The Interlock model I 1120 as one of Terrot’s newly designed circular knitting ma- chines with 34” and 136 feeders (30“ – 42“ on request) can be with many innovative and current demand reflecting features an attractive alternative to our blockbuster ever- green the I 2108. You can reach maximum efficiency and productivity with an industrial frame and fabric rolls up to 1,050 mm. The motorized fabric take-down with three rol- lers and the automatic winding-up device supports industrial production at its best.
  • The UCC 572-T is Terrot’s flagship in the production of functional sport and leisu- re textiles, offering great flexibility and a high production output. The machine features a wide variety of applications while producing single and double jersey structure area combinations in addition to hole patterns. This model makes designer’s dreams come true.
  • Terrot extends its product portfolio even further and launches the new JV-3.0, which stands for high production outputs in the field of single jersey fabrics. This very productive knitting machine is easily capable of a speed factor of 1,280. In addition, other single structures like piqué can also be knitted with the JV-3.0. Despite its high efficiency the machine displays outstanding flexibility, long maintenance cycles and unseen operational convenience.
  • The JSP5-4 produces high-quality plush with uniform loop lengths and provides a variety of different applications for various market requirements like fashion, home and technical textiles. Terrot offers different highly productive single jersey knitting ma- chines for nearly every application and is very successful on the global market with its product portfolio.

Posted: June 23, 2023

Source: Terrot GmbH