Candiani Denim Introduces The NEW Premier Denim Textile

ROBECCHETTO CON INDUNO, Italy— June 9, 2023 — Candiani Denim continues a unique and authentic path to sustainable fashion by exploring alternative design and production methods. A ground-breaking technology called GRAPHITO has been developed in collaboration with Italian company Directa Plus, as a solution-focused addition to Candiani’s industrial innovations.

GRAPHITO comprises two patented technologies. One, being G+® Graphene, the purest and most potent graphene on the market today. G+® Graphene is a non-toxic fabric enhancer produced without chemical additives through a proprietary and patented process based on the physical transformation of natural graphite. It has tremendous electrical conductivity, making it the most powerful and lightest known conductor to date. The thermal property of the G+® Graphene stabilizes the temperature and ensures efficient heat diffusion throughout the fabric weave. The G+® Graphene infusion also imparts antistatic and antimicrobial properties to fabrics.

The second technology is a naturally occurring bio-based polymer called Kitotex®, which replaces liquid plastic (PVA) in textile production processes. The Kitotex® used here is exclusively obtained from fungi. The magical union of these two technologies results in the production of a remarkable and unrivalled eco-denim textile in the form of GRAPHITO, the ultimate in reduced-impact textile production achieved to date.  GRAPHITO and COREVA™  –  the only patented bio-stretch fabric in existence, both of which have been researched and developed at Candiani, two leading technologies in sustainable innovation.

GRAPHITO is a unique fabric, endowed with antibacterial, antiviral, and thermoregulatory properties.

The denim with antimicrobial action and long-lasting freshness ensures that jeans made with it remain clean for more prolonged periods, reducing the need for frequent washing. In Europe, people typically wash jeans after wearing them an average of 2.5 times, with GRAPHITO, jeans remain fresh for up to 10 wears, and the jeans’ water usage, and energy consumption, are reduced by up to 75%.

Candiani Denim and Directa Plus, two remarkable companies from the same territory, are genuine game-changers in the world of textile materials, technology, and industry – two exceptional examples of Italian excellence on the global stage.

Posted: June 9, 2023

Source Candiani S.p.A.