Crystal International Innovates Vibrant Denim – Colour By Nature Collection With Natural Dyes

HONG KONG — March 21, 2023 — Crystal International Group Limited (“Crystal International” or the “Group”) makes unceasing efforts to advance sustainable product development. Going beyond the certified net zero jeans being launched last year, Crystal Denim (the denim division of the Group) newly innovates the Vibrant Denim – Colour by Nature Collection with advanced, sustainable natural dyeing technique, offering a fashion-forward style to all denim enthusiasts.

The Vibrant Denim Collection adopts the sustainable natural overdyed approach which combines denim authenticity with originated natural mineral powders, creating new vibrant colour cast, shade, depth, and variation for denim by an eco-friendly dyeing method. Natural mineral dyes come from the nature, such as soil mix, celadonite, hematite and grains, to create chromatic denim colours and produce the full range of hues and tones. Crystal Denim overdyes the pure indigo denim with colour shades such as citrus, coral, orchid and olive, generating the sense of harmony. Overdyed colours on mid wash-based denim with hand-sanding effect brings a vintage mood, while enriched soil colours match well with authentic denim vibe. Acid and tie bleach combined with vibrant overdyes provides eye-catching finishing. There are 7 styles of products, including denim jackets and jeans in the collection.

Overdyeing denim fabric with natural dyes has a lot of sustainable benefits. The dyes are registered on ZDHC MRSL Conformance (Level 1) and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) version 6.0. By using natural dyestuffs, the collection is in compliance with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and OEKO-TEX Standard. The natural dyes perform in high fastness, high reproducibility and salt-free in the dyeing process. In addition, Crystal Denim also adopts eco-friendly, water-efficient washing technologies, including waterless enzyme, laser and ozone processes. As it’s renewable from natural resources, natural dyeing has a lower environmental impact than synthetic dyes, also saving 1 tons of water by reducing one time of machine cleaning process.

“This is a pioneering collection that we first apply vibrant natural dyes on denim fabric, offering the choices of unconventional denim colours to the market. We hope to provide another voguish and classy denim trend while maintaining sustainable features,” said Miles Lam, Assistant General Manager of Crystal Denim.

Developing sustainable products with different stakeholders along the supply chain is important to elevate responsible production, aiming to bring positive environmental impact. Crystal International will continue to innovate sustainable products across different divisions for driving ahead the fashion industry.

Posted: March 21, 2023

Source: Crystal International Group Limited