PAKA Wins Retail Innovation Award with PAKAFILL®

SALT LAKE CITY — January 16, 2023 — Paka Apparel was announced as one of the winners of the fifth annual Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards during a live ceremony at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show on Thursday, January 11, in Salt Lake City.

Paka Apparel received the award for the launch of its PAKAFILL® insulation. Warmer than any synthetic insulation currently on the marketplace — 2.59 thermal CLO value (tested by IDFL Laboratory and Institute — and with half the volume of down, PAKAFILL insulation keeps you warm when wet and thermoregulates from freezing temperatures to high aerobic activity to keep you in a neutral comfort range. PAKAFILL insulation is also 100-percent hypoallergenic. This year’s winners were chosen by a judging panel from 29 finalist products, materials and services representing original design, function, impact and inspiring attributes.

“I’m honored to be recognized for Outdoor Retailer’s Innovation Award,” said Kris Cody, Founder and CEO. “It’s been amazing to see brands like Ralph Lauren, Cotopaxi, Simms, and Black Diamond come up at the show and be interested in using PAKAFILL in their products. We’re very excited to enable other brands to utilize this insulation. The outerwear industry needs more sustainable options, and this is a great first step.”

This is the first major innovation award Paka Apparel has received since launching PAKAFILL in December of 2022 in conjunction with Paka’s PAKAFILL Puffer. PAKAFILL Puffer is designed for extreme performance that rivals any premium outerwear on the market. Field tested at over 22,205 feet, the PAKAFILL Puffer’s innovation and design has been recognized and praised everywhere from its business impact, Inc Magazine to its fashion appeal, WWD.

Posted January 17, 2023

Source: Paka