Hi-Tech Crochet: EUROJERSEY And CIFRA Together For A New Beachwear Concept

CARONNO PERTUSELLA, Italy — November 30, 2022 — The collaboration between EUROJERSEY, with its patented Sensitive® Fabrics representing the style and creativity of Made in Italy in the field of warp-knitted technical fabrics, and Cifra, a benchmark company in Warp Knit Seamless technology, introduces a revolutionary new feature to the beachwear world: it is “HI-TECH CROCHET”, an idea that combines the performance and uniqueness of WKS technology with the unmistakable style of Sensitive® Fabrics.

Swimwear designed on two layers: the first, soft and enveloping on the skin, thanks to the qualities of Sensitive® Fabrics, the second, a seamless 3D jacquard fabric. A combination that gives depth and two-dimensionality to the garment, almost a work of art in perfect balance between solids and voids, between highlights and transparencies, between harmonies and contrasts.

Posted: November 30, 2022