Lions Lingerie Group: Full Service Lingerie Manufacture Management In New York

NEW YORK CITY — October 11, 2022 — Lions Lingerie Group is announcing their full package design and manufacturing program for startup lingerie brands looking for a full service manufacturing for lingerie and sleepwear.

New York City-based lingerie manufacturing management company Lions Lingerie Group is a one stop shop for new and emerging lingerie brands. With the rising MOQs of India and China for lingerie production, Lions is providing a solution for smaller, ethnical brands. Lions Lingerie Group is able work with emerging brands so they can work with a domestic team. Lions Lingerie Group has a turn key approach by offering product development (lingerie design), manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

Lions Lingerie Group works as the project management team to oversee all elements of the lingerie production. Offering eco sustainable fabric and mass production abilities. All faculties of production have ink sublimation, printing of fabric, custom lace and hardware abilities. With virtual assisting Lions Lingerie Group can accept brands that are not just NYC based. Lions Lingerie Group has virtual project management system and each client is assigned a Project Manager who will assist them with updates and can do virtual meetings and fittings.

Posted: October 11, 2022

Source: Lions Lingerie Group