Anthropologie Marks 30th Anniversary With Multi-Faceted Campaign Celebrating The Brand’s History & Future

PHILADELPHIA — September 26, 2022 — Anthropologie — the American retailer offering an assortment of apparel, accessories, home décor furnishings, beauty, and bridal — announced today a multi-faceted celebration for its 30th Anniversary launching this week.

At its core, Anthropologie is driven by creativity and curiosity, and inspiring those qualities in their customers. To honor their dedicated community and inspire their next generation, Anthropologie will celebrate this monumental occasion with an experiential pop-up gallery in New York City, one-of-a-kind shopping experiences and event activations at select stores across the country, social activations and giveaways to their enthusiastic community, a book launch for their first-ever coffee-table book, the unveiling of their new A Greater Good philanthropic commitment, and a pledge to a more responsible future.

“This significant milestone represents an exceptional moment in Anthropologie’s history to not only celebrate our legacy, culture, and community, but more importantly, to look ahead to our next chapter as a brand,” says Tricia Smith, Global CEO of Anthropologie Group. “Anthropologie has always been a brand that looks to create inspirational and unique experiences through all customer touchpoints — whether that be on social media, our on-site experience, events, or in-store, and we take great pride in serving our incredibly loyal community all over the world. Through our anniversary celebrations, I am thrilled to give everyone a sneak peek at the creative culture we have become so well known for, to highlight the amazing Anthropologie team who brings our brand to life every day, and most importantly, to pave a clear path forward for our next 30 years.”

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Anthropologie will launch a series of noteworthy initiatives:

  • “By Hand, By Heart” Art Gallery Pop-Up at the New York Academy of Art: The creative team at Anthropologie has built an interactive installation at the New York Academy of Art featuring their most beloved window displays, in-store vignettes, and iconic display objects that their team has crafted over the course of their 30-year history. The gallery will be open to the public on Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2.
  • “The Art of Anthropologie” Book Launch published by Rizzoli: From its bold beginning in 1992, Anthropologie has been redefining the retail landscape with magically immersive spaces that invite customers to wander, explore, and be inspired. The Art of Anthropologie showcases a curation of Anthropologie’s most treasured retail destinations, a narrative catalog of their unique creations, quintessential design details, and a behind-the-scenes look at their celebrated creative team and the processes that lead to inspirational brand experiences. Their windows have put the brand’s spirit on display, and the book highlights how they are able to create unforgettable visual metaphors through upcycled materials.
  • Commitment of $1 Million Dollars to Education and the Arts: Anthropologie pledges a charitable donation of at least $1 million dollars to organizations and programs dedicated to education and the arts over the next 4 years. With this commitment, Anthropologie looks to invest in and nurture the creatives, artists, and innovators who have been integral to the growth of their brand and business. Tied to their brand purpose of inspiring, expressing, and empowering creativity in their work and in the world, Anthropologie hopes to create access to careers in the arts and bring out creativity in others through financial donations, collaborations, customer fundraising, employee engagement, and mentorship opportunities.
  • Pledge to a More Responsible Future: Being mindful of their environmental impact across all business operations, Anthropologie has transitioned their in-store brand packaging to a fully sustainable program. All in-store packaging is recyclable and reusable, and shopping bags, gift boxes, and tissue paper are all made from post-consumer recycled materials and are 100 percent single-stream recyclable.

“At Anthropologie, we are constantly looking for new and inventive ways to inspire, excite, and serve our customer,” says Smith. “We will continue to celebrate curiosity, creativity, and innovation, and hope that our brand will always spark a sense of joy in our customers. We are honored to have built such a robust community and acknowledge the responsibility we have as a brand to continually review how we can do better and how we push forward to better our business and our practices. We are beyond grateful, appreciative, and enthusiastic to continue in our journey together and for the next 30 years of Anthropologie.”

Posted: September 26, 2022

Source: Anthropologie