Soorty Announces Solar And Wind Power Projects 

KARACHI, Pakistan — May 25, 2022 — Soorty — a Pakistan-based, vertically integrated denim company — has announced a 6.26 MW captive Solar Power Project and 750 kW/369 kWh Reflex Energy Storage (solar hybrid controller). The project is dispersed across locations in Nooriabad and Landhi. This project will make Soorty the second facility in Pakistan to hold an energy storage solution.

For years, Soorty has been investing in disruptive technologies, developing environmentally and socially conscious denim production systems which help reduce the use of water, chemicals, and energy. With a strong focus on planet protection, human value, and commitment to its worker’s health and safety, using data-driven transparency as their guide, Soorty operates with the motto DENIM AS A POWER OF GOOD. As one of the largest vertical denim manufacturers in the world, Soorty knows that production at scale comes with an impact – one that has the power to change things. They are dedicated to making their impact on the environment and societies, a positive one, by using less of what is limited while making more and better use of it.

The 6.26 MW Solar PV project is expected to produce approximately 9,198 MWh (Megawatt hours) annually. The output energy will be used on-site resulting in substantial savings for the company. The energy generated will cut around 5656 Tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions over the life of the project, which is equal to plantation of approximately 229,950 trees.

Soorty has also sponsored NASDA Green Energy limited to produce wind power. Housed at Sindh, Pakistan the Windfarm has started producing 50 Megawatts of safe, renewable energy for national grid with effect from 1-May-2022.The energy generated with the initiative will save around 67,000 Tons of CO2 equivalent emissions per year on the national grid, which is equal to a plantation of approximately 300,000 trees per year.

Soorty defines themselves as engineers at heart with a need to be restorative by design; dedicated to becoming the world’s most responsible denim producer at scale and these various initiatives the company is committed is how this goal will become a reality.

Posted: May 25, 2022

Source: Soorty