Jeanologia Transforming Physical Stores Into Digital And Sustainable Experience Centers

VALENCIA, Spain — November 2, 2021 — Jeanologia has developed an innovation laboratory to transform physical stores into digital and sustainable experience centers for consumers. Through the “Retail Innovation Lab” the company works together with the top brands and retailers in a new in-store model focused on eco-efficiency, personalization, and digitalization.

For Jeanologia, the three pillars for the future of retail are consumer experience, sustainability, and the omnichannel that connects the physical world with the digital. Consumers are at the center as participants in the sustainable finishing of their garments.

Jeanologia CEO, Enrique Silla, believes that the consumer experience must be based on the co-creation, transformation and customization of the product in-person and in real-time “creating and developing the product together with the consumer. Doing the finishing of the garment physically in front of the customer, by taking a product from the store, transforming, and customizing it with the customer present in the actual stores. And at the same time creating sustainable product.”

Through its “Retail Innovation Lab”, Jeanologia, leaders in sustainable technologies and eco-efficient development, brings to retail its disruptive technology for a new in-store model where personalization, digitalization and eco-efficient production are the main drivers.

Two success cases showing the future

Jeanologia has two success cases developed using its technology to bring to retail the experience of real-time personalization in front of the consumer.

The pop-up store by Levi’s® Haus in Miami is an example of the future of garment finishing that demonstrates the next level of personalization powered by Jeanologia’s laser. The consumer can customize every detail of the garment. For the Jeanologia CEO, Levi’s® Haus in Miami “has marked a retail milestone, bringing together jean design and production physically in-store with the fun of the in-person experience for the consumer.”

Another Jeanologia case study is the Bershka Denim Lab during the Milan Design Week. A project where Jeanologia installed a digital corner in Bershka’s flagship store on Corso Vittorio Emmanuele transforming it into a digital denim customization laboratory. This initiative meant that consumers could have a unique experience in real-time, designing their own garments in a quick and sustainable way with laser technology, in only 45 minutes and being present during the whole live process.

Posted November 2, 2021

Source: Jeanologia