BlueChip Holdings Launches Athlete Branded Clothing Collections

NEW YORK CITY — August 10, 2021 — BlueChip Holdings Inc. has launched a unique platform that allows world-renowned athletes to connect with their fans and build their own brands. As a part of the platform, celebrity athletes will release personal clothing collections. Based in New York City and London, BlueChip’s mission is to create a closer connection between athletes and their most loyal fans.

BlueChip will launch with athletes including: former New York Giants wide receiver and Super Bowl champion Victor Cruz; Ashley Cole, the former Premier League left back, current Chelsea Academy coach and recently appointed England U21 assistant coach; former West Ham and England striker Carlton Cole; Mike Moustakas of Major League Baseball’s Cincinnati Reds; and U.K. soccer and boxing app Pitch Sport with their collaboration with British Touring Car Championship BTCC racing. In addition to the athlete and partner clothing collections, BlueChip will also launch its own branded apparel line.

“My apparel line represents me as a person” explained Victor Cruz, BlueChip partner and official ambassador. “It’s luxury with some edge to it, and I want my fans to feel like they have a part of me with them when they wear my gear.”

BlueChip offers a platform for both professional and collegiate athletes to build their own individual brand. With the recent rule change related to NCAA athletes and endorsements, BlueChip will allow student athletes to connect with their fans and peer groups. In addition to clothing collections, BlueChip will create an inspiring content series that features the athletes on the BlueChip. The content will be hosted on and its social platforms. This content series will offer fans behind-the-scenes access to some of the best athletes.

“What we have built at BlueChip is a different way to connect directly with your most admired athletes and support them on their journey as they create their own brands,” said Steve J. Roberts, co-founder and CEO of BlueChip. “We are storytellers through our content and apparel collections, and we are bringing together a unique community of the best athletes around the world to do it.”

Each athlete works hand-in-hand with BlueChip designers to curate the logo and brand that best embodies their own unique personality and upbringing. Victor Cruz’s logo features “VC” lettering. He also has a version that pays homage to his Super Bowl-winning New York Giants team in 2012.

“My collection features an ‘AC3’ logo inside wired fence cages because growing up in a tough English neighborhood, cage football was my escape,” said official ambassador and former Chelsea and England defender Ashley Cole. “I know there are kids out there just like me growing up today, who love football and use it as an escape from their everyday lives.”

Posted August 10, 2021

Source: BlueChip