YUMS Announces Brand Relaunch With Fashion-Forward Streetwear Collection

DALLAS — May 20, 2021 — YUMS — a fashion-forward footwear and accessories brand known for bold colors, fabrics and patterns that are designed to inspire self-expression and creativity — is relaunching it signature Sweet Series sneaker collection. Sensing the world could use a dose of joy, YUMS believes it’s now time to reinvigorate that sensational happiness. YUMS’ highly anticipated reemergence satisfies its hungry fan base with its signature flavor-inspired sneakers with matching headwear.

YUMS, an acronym for “You Understand My Style,” was originally founded in 2007 legendary street artist, Tex Moton. As the designer and Chief Creative Officer of YUMS, Tex reimagined how the brand thought about collections, designs and product development by including unexpected details, like graffiti art on the soles of the shoes that can be seen through translucent bottoms. He drew inspiration from his favorite foods and snacks to conceptualize YUMS’ signature style, and his use of lively colors, rich fabrics, and clean design lines changed the way people connect with sneakers.

The brand found immediate traction with streetwear enthusiasts, celebrities, boutiques, and major retailers across the country who flocked to Tex’s original artwork. Originally introduced in 2007, YUMS shoes quickly rose in cultural popularity. Behemoth NIKE took notice, filed suit against the smaller YUMS in 2009, and sparked a multi-year legal battle that resembled a modern-day David vs Goliath battle. As a result of the case’s outcome, YUMS is re-launching its signature Sweet Series sneakers, made possible by the Supreme Court’s decision in Already, LLC d/b/a YUMS v. NIKE Inc., 568 U.S. 85 (2013), and Nike’s first-ever covenant not to sue, which NIKE Inc. issued to YUMS, and the Supreme Court applied.

“This moment has been a long time coming, and we couldn’t be more excited,” Tex said. “During a pivotal moment in society where nostalgia provides a sense of relief, YUMS is a true testament to what is possible for small businesses and creators. Our flavorful designs are made to inspire all who wear them, and are the secret ingredients to the streetwear industry’s recipe for success.”

YUMS’ newest streetwear collection includes four limited-edition flavor-inspired sneaker designs featuring Tex’s legendary original artwork along with matching headwear. Drawing inspiration from the fashion industry’s most-loved trends along with a few special ingredients, each sneaker design features a high-quality leather upper, rubber sole, signature transparent sole art inlay, and includes an extra pair of contrast color laces. Following YUMS’ dedication to self-expression and inclusivity, the colorful collection is available in unisex shoe sizes ranging from 5 to 13 with price points ranging from $100-$125. Each style is part of a limited-edition drop with more recipes to come soon out of the oven.

  • Sugar (priced at $100): As you can see with these classic sneakers, sugar is the main ingredient for all things sweet! This everyday silhouette is pure and white as the driven snow to offer a simple yet stylish look.
  • Cupcake (priced at $100): Probably the most iconic snack cake YUMS has ever made, the Cupcake design has been a classic staple since 2007. Featuring a striking black colorway, this fan favorite is now back on the shelves and ready to take you and your feet on your next big adventure.
  • Rainbow Sherbet (priced at $125): The Rainbow Sherbet design is an explosion of flavors and colors combined with the smoothness of sherbet. Featuring a blend of colorful patterns, these kicks are ready to take your style and flavor pallet to the next level.
  • Mixed Berry Tart (priced at $125): A very berry medley of textures, colors and flavors make up the filling for this tasty pastry treat. Featuring a bright splash of reds, pinks and blues, The Mixed Berry Tart sneakers are just as sweet as they sound.

YUMS’ four new sneaker designs and matching hats are available for purchase now via its ecommerce website.

Posted May 20, 2021

Source: YUMS