Gerber Technology Empowers Cost Reduction As Global Prices Continue To Rise

NEW YORK CITY — April 13, 2021 — As material and product prices in the industrial markets continue to rise, Gerber Technology is proud to announce major enhancements to their software offerings that will empower cost reduction and optimize the manufacturing process. Over the last year, Gerber has heavily invested in their AccuMark® Product Family and CutWorks software to ensure furniture, transportation, composites, and technical textile manufacturers have the technology they need to improve margins, optimize production and reduce expenses so they can combat the rising price of materials and transportation.

Gerber’s latest software releases will empower manufacturers to handle the rise in costs by providing better transparency and more traceability. Manufacturers will reduce errors, improve sustainability, increase material utilizations via a unique nesting algorithm and reduce costs.

“Right now manufacturers, especially those in industrial markets, are struggling to combat the rise in prices, which means they’re either having to decrease their margins or increase the price of their final product,” said Ron Ellis of Gerber Technology. “With the latest enhancements to AccuMark and CutWorks, manufacturers will be able to design to cost and optimize their processes. They’ll also be able to achieve additional fabric savings to further reduce costs while improving the quality so they can maintain their current margins without increasing prices for their end customers.”

Gerber has heavily invested in CutWorks and put forth a roadmap to offer more enhancements, more frequently. The development, piece nesting and tool-path programming software is a modular software designed to be customized based on your business needs. CutWorks accepts pattern data in a variety of formats and turns it into a cut job for a cutter.

The V13 release of the software focuses heavily on improving nesting engines, maximizing precision with enhancements to ManualNest and offering more visibility into the supply chain. CutWorks will allow companies to easily design to cost faster than ever and without error. Gerber will continue to update and optimize nesting algorithms and make them easily accessible to all customers on contract. Additionally, Gerber is offering enhanced training to ensure all operators are able to get up to speed quickly.

From home and leisure to boating to recreational vehicles, manufacturers are experiencing a major increase in demand while also facing an increase in cost of materials and shipping. According to an article in the Washington Post, “ocean freight shipping fees from Asia to the United States have quadrupled in some cases, from about $1,500 per container to $6,000.” Raw materials are also expected to increase 2.9 percent through 2021, which means manufacturers cannot afford costly mistakes in cutting or unoptimized nesting.

“We’re absolutely enjoying CutWorks. I will recommend we put Industrial Nest on all of our cutters,” said Osagie Agboh, senior continuous improvement engineer of ILC Dover, who has an 18.5 percent yield improvement by switching from manual nesting to CutWorks.

Gerber has also focused heavily on enhancing their AccuMark Product Family, which includes AccuMark, AccuPlan™ and AccuNest™, The newest release focuses heavily on adding more integration and automation for a streamlined, CAD to cut room workflow that seamlessly connects with your ERP system and other tools you’re already using. With the latest version of the AccuMark Product Family, manufacturers will not only accelerate time to market but also improve quality, reduce errors and provide better control over their final product. The latest version of Gerber’s cut planning software, AccuPlan, and automated nesting software, AccuNest, boost productivity by as much as 80% and offer an average fabric saving cost of 1.5 percent.

“I sent Gerber 30 of the best laid markers that we created manually, not expecting AccuNest to beat the efficiency,” said Roger Leonhardt of Bassett Furniture. “To my surprise, AccuNest beat our layouts every time! We saved about a half yard on average. Most railroad fabric nests are breaking 93-95 percent yield.”

Posted April 13, 2021

Source: Gerber Technology