Workers United/SEIU Celebrates Biden Administration Commitment To Good Jobs Creating Safe Masks For Essential Workers: Up To 17.7million Face Masks To Be Made In America From American Sourced Supplies

WASHINGTON — March 26, 2021 — Today the Biden Administration announced a procurement award to the partnering bid between New York City-based Ferrara Manufacturing and Parkdale Mills, Gastonia, N.C., for up to 17.7 million face masks, to be made in America from American sourced supplies. Workers United/SEIU has represented the skilled sewers at Ferrara Manufacturing for decades, and also represents the manufacturing workforce at Unionwear of Newark, N.J., who will be one of the subcontractors used to produce this significant order in the immediate future. The government said it could purchase up to 22 million masks under the two contracts announced today. The face masks will be provided by the federal government to community health clinics, food pantries, and soup kitchens across the nation.

Workers United President Lynne Fox: “This award is exactly what it means to Build Back Better. The Biden Administration has proven today that when the federal government leads a key marketplace as a buyer, with the right standards, American companies and workers can meet the demand, stabilizing and creating good jobs and economic recovery. And these essential workers can rest assured they are getting top quality safe products, made by their neighbors and allies right here in America.We are honored to partner in helping serve our nation’s ongoing crisis.”

Workers United Secretary Treasurer Edgar Romney: “I am thrilled for the family owners at Ferrara, and for all the union members who work there and at Unionwear. For the past year, these workers and other Workers United members at over 30 companies responded to this horrible pandemic crisis by using their skills to make millions of masks, gowns, and face shields for essential workers and the general public all over America. As New Yorkers, we faced devastating loss with courage, creativity, and service. Bravo to all of them and to the team at Parkdale Mills, and to the Biden Administration for this example of what we are capable of in this country.”

Posted March 27, 2021

Source: Workers United/SEIU